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Offering the best in lawn care and landscaping service in Virginia Beach, lawn maintenance, tree service (planting and removal), overseeding, foreclosure cleanup, landscape contruction, hardscapes, lighting services, water features, fertilization and mulch.


Contact Bay & Beach Landscaping Services for expert and professional landscaping maintenance at reasonable rates for residential home owners, commercial, apartments, one time clean ups, investment property, rental units and even homes for sale. Fast friendly service for Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, & Norfolk, Va. All work guaranteed.

Complete Landscape Maintenance All Phases Of Landscaping
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Residential Home Owners
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Realtors and Homes for Sale
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Virginia Beach

We also . . . seed lawns, install sod, fertilize, mulch, hardscape, & do outdoor lighting too!

  • Creative Landscape Design
  • Tree & Shrub
  • Mowing and Winter Lawn Installations
  • Installations and Renovations
  • Rock Delivery and Installations
  • Decorative Gravel Rocks and Boulders
  • Curbing and Brick Pavers
  • Sod, Fertilization and Seeding
  • Final Rake & Sod Preparations
  • Provide Fertilizer For Winter Lawns
  • Provide Fertilizer For Summer Grass
  • Complete Leveling Of Yard Areas
  • Water Program
  • Daily Re-inspections Completed
  • Adjustments To Watering Program
  • Weed Control
  • All grass areas weeded. We can control any type of weed in your yard!
  • Hand Pull
  • Pre-emerge (Chemical Treatments)

A weed is any plant that grows where it isn’t wanted, or is unwanted because of certain undesirable characteristics.

  • Location Of Weeds
  • Crop
  • Garden and lawn weeds
  • Off roadsides
  • Ditch banks
  • Waste places
  • Classification Of Weeds
  • Annual Weeds
  • Summer Annuals
  • Winter Annuals
  • Biennial Annuals
  • Perennial Weeds
  • Simple Perennials
  • Creeping Perennials
  • Creeping Or Horizontal Roots
  • Specialized Perennials
  • Bulbous Perennials

Weeds in the yard dampen the home owner’s interest in improving and maintaining gardens that beautify the home, and make the community attractive and livable. Weeds also raise the homeowner’s costs for water and fertilizer. Contact Bay & Beach Landscape today for a FREE Estimate on removing the weeds from your property!